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The Meats

At Bourbon & Butcher, we respect what we serve. From ancient techniques and farm raised animals, to latest technology in quality assurance. Our dry-aging process is exactly that, an old-world technique with a state of the art dry aging room that allows us to take select cuts of meat up to 300 days in the dry aging process. We are serious about our meat!

Fresh From The Farm

We know the people, and the families, that care for the animals in our meat program. Care being the emphasis, as every family farm we purchase from truly cares for each and every animal in their charge. They have proven this to us through the years from countless of hours with us walking the pastures to having us assist so we gain firsthand knowledge of what it truly takes and means to practice proper animal husbandry.

Dry-Aged Steaks

Dry aging is an old-world method for creating exceptionally tender beef. The process uses the meat’s natural enzymes to slowly tenderize it and enhance the flavors.

A Retail butcher shoppe inside corndance!

Now you can get the same fresh, artisan meats we server at all our restaurants.  Simply step inside of Conrdance tavern and shop our retail meat case.

Sausage & Hams

Only through the blending of the finest spices and cures will a sausage or ham meet the Bourbon & Butcher standards. Artfully crafted, finessed and cured to perfection, these babies have been fussed over from the beginning to maximize their flavor and texture.  Our products are of nothing but the highest of quality.

Click here to read about our commitment to stopping the spread of COVID-19!